Welcome Back to School 

With a new school well underway, we are working diligently in schools throughout New York City and excited at the prospect of making a difference in the lives of students and their communities. Each year we are privileged to develop meaningful relationships with various school staff, students and their families through the collective work of building school communities where students feel safe, and thrive personally and academically. We look forward to another great year and are hope you are as well!

ENACT’s unique method of interactive theater and drama therapy engages vulnerable youth to help them recognize and overcome obstacles standing in the way of success. Using social emotional learning tools, our professional actors and drama therapists facilitate weekly workshop residencies in classrooms and other sites around New York City, helping young people “perform” the change they wish to become. This results in dramatic behavior transformations in school and in life.

“From the school data I have found that 60% more ENACT students were passing core classes as compared to the rest of the students at MS 363.” – Angelo Ledda, Principal

“Best program I’ve ever brought into the school.” – Patricia Finn, Principal, PS 42, Far Rockaway