Parent & Family Workshops

ENACT believes that healthy, strong family relationships are an important part of a student's ability to succeed in school and life. In our parent and family workshops, ENACT seek to give parents, guardians, and caregivers the positive communication skills they need to be active, effective partners in their children’s education and to help them become responsible community members. Participants gain tools and resources to:

  • Better understand their children.
  • Communicate productively with teachers.
  • Recognize their own behavior patterns, which will enable them to be more open to change.

Utilizing ENACT's signature combination of theatre games, reflective role-play, and guided discussion, these workshops recreate common parent-child, parent-parent, or parent-teacher conflicts, allowing participants to experience for themselves the situations from multiple perspectives. Our teaching artists lead the group in processing the scene and giving options on different ways the conflict can be resolved, enabling them to recognize ways that they can influence their child’s behavior and choices.

Workshops can be scheduled in the evening or on a Saturday when family members are available. Workshops are offered as single workshops or in packages, and ENACT tailors programs to the specific needs of each school. Spanish-speaking instructors are available for bilingual groups.

For a complete menu of available topics, download ENACT's parent workshop menu »

For more information, or to have ENACT create a program for your school, contact Emma Klauber, Program Manager, at (212) 741-6591 ext. 220 or