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Trauma & Resiliency

February 8th, 4:30-7:30pm

NYC, Times Square Area

Feb 8, 2018 Institute flier

Healthy student development is often hindered when a student has experienced neglect or trauma. The ability to reach students with a trauma-informed understanding is key to establishing a safe and effective learning environment. This workshop will use didactic and active means to explore the  basics of identifying  trauma, core concepts and definitions, and how to foster resilience in adolescents.

Learning Objectives. Participants will:

  • Discuss and identify specific examples of trauma and how they manifest in child and adolescent behavior
  • Define resilience and its role in adapting to life after trauma
  • Explain & experience how fun, play, and resiliency can be utilized in a strengths-based approach to working with adolescents with trauma histories

$75, professionals  (3 CEU hours)
$60, full time students, SAG, AEA, NYC AIE Roundtable members

 Questions? contact: Darci.Burch@enact.org

Behavioral Costumes: Bullying Manifestations*

February 9th, 4:30-7:30pm  &

February 10th, 10:00-4:00pm 

NYC, Times Square Area

*Please note: The following workshop will take place over two days. Content from Day 2 will build on topics explored during Day 1. While each workshop will be self-contained with specific objectives and take-away materials, it is highly recommended that participants attend both sections of the institute.

Feb 9-10, 2018 Institute flier

Behavioral Costumes: Bullying Manifestations (Part 1)

February 9th, 4:30-7:30pm 

NYC, Times Square Area

This didactic and interactive workshop will review the four major types of bullying and the latest research about their impacts on children and adolescents. Participants will explore how to better identify intimidation tactics and their after-effects through observation and caring inquiry. Using ENACT’s unique lens, participants will be introduced to the “Behavioral Costumes” that inform adults about the interplay between bullying and social aggression among adolescents.

Learning Objectives. Participants will:

  • Review the four major types of bullying.
  • Categorize examples of bullying from hypothetical and personal experiences in order to recognize and understand impact
  • Define ENACT’s “Behavioral Costume” and how it informs understanding of bullying and social aggression


Behavioral Costumes: Bullying Manifestations (Part 2)

February 10th, 10:00-4:00pm 

NYC, Times Square Area

In this mainly interactive workshop, participants will dive deeper into ENACT’s understanding of the “Behavioral Costume” and how it explains bullying, social combat and aggressive behavior in children and adolescents. Using this perspective and illustrative guides, participants will learn how to identify, categorize, and alter bullying defenses and manifestations.

Learning Objectives. Participants will:

  • Identify current bullying trends & terms
  • Distinguish aggressive behaviors and the potential underlying causes of behavioral manifestations
  • Dramatize interactions with children and adolescents in order to practice intervention and prevention skills.

$200, professionals  (8 CEU hours)
$170, full time students, SAG, AEA, NYC AIE Roundtable members

Questions? contact: Darci.Burch@enact.org

Inquire today about other registration discounts for dual registration, partnership organizations, and groups!

ENACT, Inc. is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Mental Health Practitioners as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed creative arts therapists. #CAT-0038, and as an approved Sponsor of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education, #3415, pursuant to Section 80-6 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. 

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